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Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities Projects



705 Newton Road

Bair Home on City Park

Dwight Miller Renovation

Group Home Paving - Portage and Bowling Green

Main Street Group Home Renovations

Nichols Home Fire Protection

Palmer Street Group Home Renovations

Parker Street Group Home Renovation

Portage Home Addition

Portage Respite Home

Restle Home Fire Protection

Rollie Hampton Home Exterior Upgrades

Werner Home Fire Protection



Alterations to 1088 Fairview

Laser Cartridge Express

Sensory Path

Wood Lane Bus Paving and Parking

Wood Lane Campus Master Plan

Wood Lane HVAC Upgrades

Wood Lane Industries Alterations / Additions                                              

Wood Lane Industries Restroom Alterations

Wood Lane Industries Site Planning

Wood Lane Residential Services Office Planning

Wood Lane School Energy Study

Wood Lane School Roof Design and Study